Where (and How) to Watch


New This Year:

The race will be telecast — streamed live — at BorgessRun.com. Tell your family and friends to give it a look.  (Note: This is our first effort at this: Special thanks to the crew, volunteers and contributors who made this possible, including Adams Outdoor — providing the screen in Tent City — MLive, Tim Wendt, Derrick Jones, Kristi-Stender Weesies, and our director and crew chief, Jon Petro!

Here are a couple of the many great places to cheer on runners.

Of course, you’re welcome to saddle up to the course just about anywhere you’d like. Just be sure to leave dogs or pets at home.


Kalamazoo Mall – Mile 3.5

Runners of both the half marathon and full marathon head right down the Kalamazoo Mall. Many of the businesses come out to cheer. Gazelle sports will have music playing. There’s also a water table and porta potties.

WMU Rec Center – Mile 5

Are you a student, or WMU supporter?  Head down to the rec center to cheer on runners with WMU students and faculty. There will be music, a water table, porta potties and—of course— Buster Bronco!

Business Tech. Research Park – Mile 9

The entrance to the BTR Park sits at the corner of Drake and Parkview. There will be a 102.5 Great Country mobile DJ live broadcasting, water tables and porta potties. Many parking lots makes for convenient parking too. But be sure to come by way of Drake. Parkview is closed during the race.

Verburg Park at Paterson – Mile 19

Anywhere in Verburg Park is great, actually. At the Paterson parking lot, there will be WKFR mobile DJ live broadcasting. Farther into the park is a water table and porta potties and even a band – Somebody’s Friend -at the Gull side of the park. The Paterson entrance has a convenient parking lot as well.

Kindleberger Park

Featuring a WRKR Mobile DJ doing live broadcasting, and a nearby water table and porta potties. Kindleberger is a great place to make a day of it. This spot sits on both the half marathon and full marathon courses and has plenty of open space if you want to bring the kids or even have a picnic. Runners will be coming by as late as noon.

Spring Valley Park

Spring Valley is jam packed with excitement.  Inside the park, there will be two bands, two water stations and a DJ. Lots of great space for a picnic or for kids to bring a soccer ball. The park sits on the 10K course, the half marathon course and the full marathon course. Parking is trickier here than some other spots, so the earlier to arrive, the better. No dogs, please!